MAGICK MEAD – an intriguing elixir combining the qualities of a cider with the natural flavours of unpasteurized raw honey, organic lavender, lemon and mystical herbs. Magick Mead mixes fresh for each serving, greatly reducing packaging. It’s unique formulation means that no preservatives or added sulphites are used in the creation of Magick Mead. Naturally gluten free. To mix a fresh glass of Magick Mead, choose your vessel for serving. The ratio is 1 part Magick Mead, 2 parts bubbly water and 1 part ice. Lemon or lime garnishes add a nice touch. Middle Mountain Mead is an artisan honey winery combining the best of ancient and modern techniques to create small batches of premium handcrafted mead. As well as being a superb wine, mead has been central to rituals of celebration and remembrance down through the ages. We would love to have you try Magick Mead and will ship this mead to you for a $10 shipping charge. *Shipping surcharge may be required for exceptional locations.

$90 for 3 litres

Magick Mead

Why is Magick Mead the most environmentally sensitive alcoholic beverage you can offer your customer? Click Here for Magick Mead information.