All of our wines are mead, or honey wine, and that means that the base of all our wines is honey and water. From there we can be inventive, adding herbs, fruits, spices and other botantical elements. Mead is delicious on its own or with a variety of foods, including various cheeses (of course!) and we’ve found it especially good with spicy foods. Many of our meads are the perfect complement to dessert as well.

Our bee hives reside both on our farm and in other locations. It all depends on where the nectar is flowing!

Mead is naturally very low in tannins, histamines and other allergy producing compounds. Many of our customers have sensitivities to grape wines, but can drink mead without negative effects. Mead is naturally gluten free.

The traditional drinking vessel for mead is called a mazer and was generally bowl-shaped, made of wood and often inlayed with silver.

‘A drink I took of the magic mead..
Then began I to know and to be wise,
To grow and to weave poems.’
-Odin, from the Norse Saga Runahal 1200AD