We first made Rosemeade as an experiment. It quietly perked away in a corner of the meadery for years as its lovely flavours evolved. Each year we added another infusion of rose petals from the farm. We were astounded how delicious it eventually became. That original “experiment” has long since sold out but luckily for our Rosemeade aficionados we have been able to reproduce the stunning flavours and will have this wine on the list again this year in limited quantities.

Honeymoon referred to the ancient practice of giving the newlyweds enough mead to drink for a month to ensure a fruitful beginning to their union.

Middle Mountain Mead is an artisan honey winery combining the best of ancient and modern techniques to create small batches of premium handcrafted mead. As well as being a superb wine, mead has been central to rituals of celebration and remembrance down through the ages.

$58 for 375 ml