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Dry, 750ml, $19
Cyser (the word cider is derived from “cyser”) is made with heritage apples and pears and has distinct herbal overtones. This was the first mead we made over 12 years ago and is one of our favourites. We currently have over 100 apple trees (60 different varieties) growing on the farm.

Green Tea Elixir

Off-dry, 750ml, $19
Metheglyns (Medicinal liquor in Welsh) are herbal meads. Expect slightly different inebriating effects from the addition of traditional herbs that have long standing historical uses in old recipes. Metheglyns are our first love and are the style of mead we are best known for. Ginger, nettles and tinctures of tea are combined in this delicious tonic.
een Tea Elixir

Cranberry-Red Currant

Off-dry, 750ml, $19
Fruity (Melomel is the traditional category) and full of flavour. You can’t beat this mead for a great summer drink by itself or as a spritzer. Currants are a mainstay crop on the farm and make their way into a number of our recipes.
  Cranberry-Red Currant

Olde Meade – SOLD OUT

Off-dry, 750ml, $22
Smooth, mellow and bourbon barrel aged. You can’t miss the unmistakable flavour of fermented honey. The choice of kings and poets like Beowulf. Viking warriors would have been quaffing this courage builder in the Mead House to ready themselves for battle.
  Olde Meade

The Mead of Inspiration

Dry, 750ml, $25
The Mead of Inspiration is undeniably the most famous of all the mythical meads. Ancient Norse mythology documents the tale of how Odin sought out this mead in his quest to capture the source of human creativity. Sometimes referred to as “Song Mead” or the “Mead of Poetry”, you can rely on the over 30 ingredients in this unique mead to stimulate your creative energy.
  The Mead of Inspiration

Alpenglow – SOLD OUT

Semi-sweet, 750ml, $19
The consumption of hot spiced mead started as a pagan tradition long before mulled grape wine became popular. Enjoyed during the winter solstice, you really can’t get more traditional. Alpenglow is the name for the rosy colour of snow capped mountains as the sun sets, a view we enjoy from the meadery while crafting mead during the winter months.


Honey liqueur, 375ml, $58 including shipping
Smelling the roses is fabulous, but try drinking the roses for the ultimate experience. We can only make very small amounts of Rosemeade, as each bottle is infused with a large amount of hand picked rose petals and hips. Historically known as Rhodomel, this variety is so rare that we believe we are currently the only folks making this special nectar. An excellent choice to express your love to someone special. Tastes on request.

Magick Mead

Honey liqueur, 3 liters, $80. 750ml, $30 $10 shipping for 3 liter Magick Mead *Surchage may be required for exceptional locations
Magick is the term peppered throughout the ancient language of mead. The unique effects of herbal tinctures have long been exploited in the history of mead making to create euphoria and a sense of well being that extends beyond a simple buzz. Delving into the interesting use of (totally legal) herbs has been great fun for us and we hope you enjoy the experiment.
Magick Mead

Black Magick – SOLD OUT

Honey liqueur, 3 liters, $90. 750ml, $30 $10 shipping for Black Magick *Surchage may be required for exceptional locations
Black and mystical, rich and smooth. Many different berries, herbs and spices lend their magical effects to the “Dark One”. If you’re interested in sampling a taste of the other side, you may want to go deep into this mellow brew. Black current and anise flavours entice.
Black Magick

Cassis Nectar

Honey liqueur, Sweet, 375ml, $25
Fashioned after the French Creme de Cassis, we discovered that using wild honey and salal berries make this the best cassis imaginable. As with all meads, you can play with this and create any number of delightful combinations. Try it with heavy cream for dessert.
  Cassis Nectar
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