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  • Cyser


    dry, 750ml, $20
    Cyser is traditional mead made with apples. Ours is intensely complex with the rich flavour of organic, heritage apples and intriguing sage overtones. Dark amber in colour, this wonderfully smooth mead will enchant you.
  • Gr
een Tea Elixir

    Green Tea Elixir

    dry, 750ml, $20
    Finally, a wine that’s perfect with Asian food! This mead is made with ginger, a blend of Sencha and Jasmine teas and B.C. Ginseng. Last but not least, it has been infused with nettles and has a lovely green colour. Heat it like sake or drink it at room temperature. Who knew a wine could taste like this.
  • Cranberry-Red Currant

    Cranberry-Red Currant

    dry, 750ml, $22
    Smooth, dry and full of flavour…. It has been the summer drink of choice and is wonderful served over ice with a splash of soda.
  • Olde Meade

    Olde Meade

    off-dry, 750ml, $25
    This sublime wine is the perfect way to enjoy the delicious subtleties of fermented honey. Lightly oaked, and finished with a hint of fresh elderflowers, this mead will entice…
  • The Mead of Inspiration

    The Mead of Inspiration

    off-dry, 750ml, $25
    Inspired by the bounty of our little farm and mother nature, this wine is very unusual and delicious. With many different fruits and herbs in the mix, the flavour is complex, exotic and a little bit mystical. This mead is all about ancient history, mythology and magick.
  • Black Mead

    Black Mead

    semi-sweet, 750ml, $22 ~SOLD OUT~
    Black currants were used in historic times to create “Black Mead”. Our Black Mead, made with our farm grown, organic currants, is richly complex with a delicious profile. Try this wine with a spicy curry!
  • Alpenglow


    semi-sweet, 750ml, $20
    Alpenglow is richly aromatic, spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Serve hot in winter time or ice cold in summer. We blended this wine to be the perfect apres-ski drink. Wassail!
  • Lavender Cranberry Mead

    Lavender Cranberry Mead

    semi-sweet, 375ml, $20 ~SOLD OUT~
    This is a special mead with a lovely lavender bouquet. Herbs play a strong role in this mead, giving it truly ethereal flavours. Try sipping this wine and let the magically relaxing effects of lavender take hold. It was voted one of the top 101 things to eat and Drink in the 2009 Vancouver Magazine edition.
  • Wild Harvest

    Wild Harvest

    sweet, 375ml, $22
    A port-style dessert wine with richly sensuous flavours and gorgeous colour. With its blend of salal berry, Oregon grape, and blackberry, this wine is truly representative of the West Coast.
  • Plum Rhubarb

    Plum Rhubarb

    sweet, 375ml, $22
    A dessert wine with the luscious taste of plum and rhubarb. This wine is a favourite with our tasting panels and is reminiscent of a light sherry. It perfectly complements any dessert, or can replace it altogether.
  • Rosemeade


    sweetest, 375ml, $38
    Rosemeade can best be compared to a fine Ice Wine with the delicate flavour of rose petals infusing this delicious ambrosia. This is a wine would make any special occasion memorable.
  • Magick Mead

    Magick Mead

    semi-sweet, 3 liters, $85
    $10 shipping for Magick Mead
    Magick Mead is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed straight up, blended with ice and soda water or used to create fabulous cocktails. Lavender, lemon and a bevy of mysterious herbs and botanicals contribute truly outstanding natural flavours that are both sophisticated and fun at the same time.
  • Black Magick

    Black Magick

    semi-sweet, 3 liters, $85
    ~ NEW IN 2012! ~
    $10 shipping for Black Magick
    Magick Mead was a big hit with our customers last season and we decided to create a new flavour in this genre. Our “Mead of Inspiration” fans will recognize the complex unique flavours in this black currant liqueur which include, anise, cardamom and juniper. Unbelievable!
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$10 shipping for Magick Mead and Black Magick.

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